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I am a teddy bear artist by profession. I also play rhythm guitar with a local bluegrass band on weekends that I am not off to teddy bear shows. I have a very funny papillon named PJ. He is 10 years old and he keeps me mobile by making me take him walking every day. I love antiquing and use many of my finds for my teddy bears. I am just starting to do mixed media artwork and collage. You can find some of my things my website:www.marthasbears.com

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Show in Richfield

I spent the day on Saturday, July 27th at the Outdoor art fair in Richfield.  The booth looked nice, but it was COLD......  just 55 degrees all day long with wind and no sun.  I nearly shivered myself to death.  We had 90 degree weather just a few days ago and then this!  I was really pooped when I got home.
 Here is my booth

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